Whale Watching And Wildlife Adventures For Ketchikan TouristsConsider a whale watching expedition in Alaska while you are planning your next adventure. Whale watching is a highlight of many Alaskan holidays. In the summer months, when thousands of whales migrate to Alaska’s rich feeding grounds, sightings of these majestic creatures are as common as the sun. After a long day of wildlife and whale watching, wouldn’t you love to relax on the porch of an oceanside lodge and watch the sun set? Anglers Adventures and Outfitters wants you to enjoy all Alaska has to give!

Whale Watching Tours Are Fully Customizable

Anglers Adventures and Outfitters offers the best whale watching experience. You’re sure to have a great time! With our charter we can take you up close to the action. Our guests are regularly entertained by killer whales in open waters, humpbacks surfacing, and sea lions in the bay. Southeast Alaskan waters offer a variety of exciting adventures. There’s nothing more relaxing than returning to your fishing lodge after a long day on the waters, and then heading out again the next day.

Oceanside Accommodations To Enhance Your Next Alaskan Adventure

We are excited to be able to offer you the option to stay in the area so that you can extend your fishing trip and enjoy more of the region. You can view wildlife from the lodge’s front porch during peak salmon season. On the island, you can see moose and deer as well as black bears. Mountain goats and grey wolves are also present. You can reserve the private Oceanside Lodge for a single night or for multiple nights. The Oceanside Lodge is a three-bedroom facility that has two bathrooms, as well as a kitchen, dining area, living room and ventilated processing space with freezer storage (for any fish caught on your excursions).

Your goals become ours when you join a charter trip. Do you want to see sea-lions lazing on the beaches? Your eyes light up whenever you see a humpback surface in ocean waters? Would you rather watch killer whales eat their food or play with them? Our whale watching charter guests are regularly treated to these scenarios. Captain Brian Ringeisen, along with the team of Anglers Adventures & Outfitters, have guided visitors in Alaskan waters for nearly 30 years. They will know when and where to go to view the whales or other wildlife you are interested in. They will try to position you perfectly for the perfect picture!

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