Wildlife Watching Excursions In Knudsen Bay AlaskaNatural beauty and a rich history make this remote town a must visit destination for those craving an authentic Alaskan adventure. A popular port along the state’s southeastern coast, Ketchikan is way more than just a stop along the way, rather, it’s a true destination in and of itself. From a glacier-carved, snow-capped national monument and a rich variety of wildlife to the largest collection of totem poles in the world, it boasts a compelling blend of nature and culture. Ketchikan is in Tongass National Forest and inhabits a very small fraction of a very large island, surrounded by many Islands, making chances of an encounter with nature very good.

Abundant wildlife: There exists a variety of wildlife on the island including moose, Sitka Black Tail Deer, Black Bears, Mountain Goats, and Grey Wolf. During peak salmon season there is an abundance of wildlife. You will likely see bald eagles fishing for salmon, sea otters, harbor seals, or sea lions sunning themselves on the warm rocks and if you are lucky, a black bear fishing in the creek.

Bald eagle sightings: American Bald Eagles are abundant in Ketchikan, so you have a very good chance of seeing them. The Bald Eagle is our majestic National Bird. They are incredible hunters, and one usually sees them swooping down to snatch dinner from the ocean.

Whale watching: While you may see whales breaching in the channel, your best opportunity to see them will be out on the water. The whales that share the waters off Ketchikan are truly sights to behold. Witnessing a whale on the hunt is energizing for sure, and it will certainly provide memories to last a lifetime.

Salmon Capital Of The World

If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll know that salmon from Alaska is some of the best in the world. Ketchikan is known as the “salmon capital of the world,” and from May through September, is one of the world’s most desirable fishing destinations. There are many Pacific salmon (all five species), and is also a main source for halibut, cod, rockfish, and more.

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