Spring And Summer Alaska Fishing Excursion Anglers Adventures & Outfitters is always ready to provide you with a spring or summer fishing or sightseeing excursion that will take your breath away. In fact, that is basically our entire mission–we like being able to show clients the breathtaking sights of Alaska, which will take their breath away. We do this by providing our clients with a variety of fishing excursions and sightseeing tours in the waters off Ketchikan, Alaska. Alaska is known for its raw, natural beauty; Ketchikan is known in Alaska as one of its most beautiful locations, making it the ideal location for fishing excursions and wildlife watching.

Ketchikan, Alaska Fishing Charter Trip

Many of our clients love to fish and spend a lot of time doing so in the lower forty-eight. There is some great fishing to be had all over the lower forty-eight, of course. But as is true of most comparisons with Alaska, fishing up here is just…different, bigger, more intense, and often more peaceful. Our fishing excursions begin in Ketchikan, and then we take our clients out on the waters off Ketchikan. Our boat, The Sierra Dawn, is ideally suited to people who love to fish, but who also enjoy being able to take a break and relax. We offer a private cabin for our guests that also offers a private bathroom.

For people who prefer to touch down on firm ground, we offer the option of staying in our Ocean View Lodge, which is located within sight of the gorgeous Clover Pass. The Ocean View Lodge is stunningly beautiful. It is the definition of Alaskan luxury in that it has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a ventilated fish processing room. Perhaps best of all, it stuns with its beautiful surroundings, which you can enjoy from the large deck. It is a perfect place to stay for people who like to balance their fishing and outdoor adventures with creature comforts.

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