Experiencing Alaskan WildlifeWhen you come to visit the beautiful state of Alaska, you really want to make the most out of your trip. Truthfully, there is no place like it. In Ketchikan, Alaska, our town is located right beside the Southeast Alaskan waters. We are in a prime location for watching large, beautiful whales play, eagles fly and sealions lounge. If you have been wanting to get the full experience of Alaskan wildlife out on the water, Anglers Adventures & Outfitters has got you covered.

While many people know Ketchikan for its abundance of salmon supply, it has become quite clear that we aren’t the only knowledgeable creatures in town. With fish filled waters, it’s no surprise that we are also home to gorgeous whales and many other timeless wild animals. At Anglers Adventures & Outfitters, we are situated in a perfect location for viewing all of the local wildlife. Away from the busy waters and downtown areas, our cove allows you to take in breathtaking views even right on the dock! If you are searching for real Alaskan wildlife, you can almost always find it right here.

Wildlife Charters Ketchikan Alaska

When you hop aboard our 28’ Bayliner Trophy boat, you immediately feel that sense of adrenaline. We are fully stocked and ready to take you out and find that once in a lifetime wildlife moment. Captain Brian Ringeisen, owner and Anglers Adventures guide, has over 26 years of guiding experience on the Southeast Alaskan waters. He will talk with you about your trip and the things you want to see. With his notable experience and knowledge about Alaskan waters, he will align his priorities with yours, allowing you to focus on creating those picture-perfect memories out on the water. Sea Lions, humpback whales, and even killer whales are all regular attractions out on the water. Using commercial charters can seem quite impersonal and you may not even be able to get close enough for a good picture. Utilizing our 28’ boat, we are able to get our guests an up close and personal look at these animals, allowing for beautiful, priceless pictures that are all your own.

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