Fishing Charter Cruise Excursions in Ketchikan, AlaskaAn Alaskan cruise seems to be on everyone’s bucket list these days. Why? Alaska is simply amazing. The sites that you see are nothing like anything else in the United States. The wildlife and landscaping of the Alaskan state is absolutely breathtaking. Often times, people will go on their cruise and tend to have only one regret. They typically will say that they wished they could get more up close and personal. At Anglers Adventures & Outfitters, we are here to satisfy that request. If you are headed on an Alaskan cruise, consider a fishing charter for your Alaskan excursion.

Fishing Charter Excursion Options

Alaska is known for the bountiful fish we have in our beautiful, Alaskan waters. If you are trying to get an up close and personal view of the Southeast Alaskan waters, this is how you do it. Our off-ship excursion day trips are the perfect opportunity to target your prized fish and reel in your trophy prize. Salmon, Halibut, Rockfish, and Black & Ling Cod are our most popular day trip excursions, depending on the time of the year. Our boat comes fully equipped with all the essential gear you need. From the bait, tackle and lures to all the snacks and drinks to keep your energy level up, Anglers Adventures & Outfitters has got you covered. Additionally, our boat has a private bathroom and heated cabin for your comfort.

Wildlife Watching Charters Available As Well

While many of us love to fish and consider it their dream excursion activity, we also have passengers that enjoy taking a more in-depth look at the Alaskan wildlife. Yes, there are a million whale watching excursions in Alaska. However, can anyone else provide an intimate, up close and personal view? Our Captain and professional guide at Anglers Adventures & Outfitters is considered an expert at discovering marine life at its finest. We find Seal lions frequently swimming under our boats and killer whales out pack hunting. Whether you want to spend the day with us chasing whales or watching the sea lions play, getting a customized, tailored look of the marine life within Alaska is something you just can’t do aboard a big cruise ship. Many people leave their excursion writing to us that it is the highlight of their trip. Don’t miss this!

Are you ready to take on the Alaskan waters and get an up close and personal? Whether you plan to fish or just enjoy a day out at sea, Anglers Adventures & Outfitters is ready for you. We will work to accommodate any cruise schedule for your convenience. For more information or to book your cruise excursion today, give Anglers Adventures & Outfitters a call today at (907) 254-0880.

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