Ketchikan Alaska ChartersKetchikan Alaska Charters will change your life!  Anglers Adventures is a premier provider of all-inclusive fishing and whaling charters, guides, and outfitting.  We love what we do, which is what helps us give you a once in a lifetime experience. The Anglers Adventures crew is fortunate to be able to take you out on some of the most amazingly beautiful waters in the entire world.  If you love fishing, imagine the feeling of working on catching, say, a king salmon while looking at snow-capped mountains in one direction and a pod of whales in another direction.  Is it any wonder that we love what we do?  Anglers Adventures gets to experience these things every time we take a new client out on the waters of Ketchikan, Alaska!  But even better is that we get to share your new experience with you.

All Inclusive Alaska Charter Adventure

Our fishing charters are all-inclusive, which means that we provide everything you need in order to have the full experience of fishing in Ketchikan and/or whale-watching.  Fishing charters include all necessary equipment, so you can travel here lighter than you otherwise would.  Anglers Adventures also has deep knowledge of the areas where we take our charters, so we give you the best possible chance of spotting whales and finding the fish that you want to catch.

And you will have your adventure on The Sierra Dawn, the boat operated by Captain Brian Ringeissen.  The Sierra Dawn is a vessel that will help first-time adventurers feel safe and secure.  It is equipped with depth finders and GPS, as well as creature comforts like a private cabin with climate control and a private bathroom.  There is no reason a fishing and whale-watching charter cannot also offer you with some elements of luxury.  Adventure does not need to be uncomfortable.

Fishing and Whale Watching, Ketchikan

A favorite site to see in Ketchikan is whales. When you are on an Alaskan charter, you have a good chance of seeing, in the distance, a disruption in the pattern of the waves.  As we get closer, it may become clear that there are dorsal fins emerging from the water.  If you are truly lucky, one or more of those whales will say hello by breaching the surface of the water and slamming the surface with a spray of mist that defies the laws of physics.  As impressive as a breaching whale is, it may be even more impressive that such a large creature can inspire people to sense its gentle nature.

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